Our business philosophy is simple: provide excellent products, have straightforward and fair prices, and treat every homeowner the way we would want to be treated. 

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Dave (Owner) installing beautiful Alside picture windows in a master bath

Who installs our windows and doors?

Artisan Windows and Doors is a family owned and operated business. The owners David (father) and Jeremiah (son) started as window and door installers themselves. They pride themselves in using high quality products and paying very good attention to detail during installation. David has been installing windows and doors for over 30 years and has trained every installer personally. 

David is the license holder and has a statewide Glass and Glazing License (#SCC13115674). We also have $2,000,000 of general liability insurance coverage for your protection.

David's brothers Daniel and Michael are also expert installers and pride themselves in quality craftsmanship. Dan and Mike work on two different crews along with Andrew, Maggie, Travis, and Jon.  Jeremiah's primary roles are sales, ordering, and measuring, but he helps with installations when he can. 

What should I expect during installation?

When installing, our crew usually does one window or door at a time. We place a drop cloth on the inside and a tarp on the outside of each opening in order to minimize clean up and protect your property. When we remove the existing window or door, we sacrifice it in order to preserve the condition of the surrounding sheet rock and stucco. This means we avoid damage to any sheet rock or stucco so that there will be no need for touch up paint or repair work on any of those openings after we have the new window or door installed. If we need to do any repair or painting to an opening from damage that we caused we are solely responsible to repair it at no extra charge. 

Our goal is to make it look like the products that we installed were always there. Next, we set our new window in the opening from the exterior. The new window requires shims and screws to get them plumb, level and square. We use large ¼ thick concrete fasteners that go through our windows jamb all the way into the concrete block. The screw type, strength, quantity and placement have to be installed according to engineering on file with the building department for the specific product. After all of our screws have been installed we then caulk the inside of the window with high grade siliconized painters caulk. After the caulking drys we then spray in expandable foam insulation from the outside into any space that may be between the window frame and the concrete block, this expandable foam not only insulates but adds considerable hurricane wind resistance to the window by gluing the entire window frame into the opening. The foam also creates a secondary waterproof seal should the exterior silicone that we apply ever be compromised. After insulating the window we then add our additional exterior window trim and apply our final bead of high grade exterior silicone. The exterior silicone is guaranteed for 50 years by the manufacturer and is formulated to stick effectively to the stucco and the vinyl window. 

After the exterior trim and caulking is done, we clean up our tarps and drop cloths and vacuum any other debris.  Another one of our goals is to leave the area cleaner than it was when we arrived. We will need to leave the installation screws exposed for the county inspector to see. 

After the inspector comes out and the inspection has passed we will be out a final time to triple check over the whole job and cover over some of the exposed screws. Screws in hinged entry doors will be covered over with lightweight Spackle or putty. Screws in sliding doors and windows will be covered over with vinyl covers that come with the product. 

What kind of warranty do we offer?

At Artisan Windows and Doors, we guarantee our installation for as long as you own the home. Window and door manufacturers have their own specific warranties depending on the product used. We only use products with warranties that cover the glass seal, window frame, operating balance system and the hardware. In the event of a warranty claim, the manufacturer will provide free replacement of any defective parts.

Will I need a building permit to change out my windows?

Window and Door Replacement does require a county permit in order to verify that your new windows meet the new energy requirements and were installed correctly. We will take care of the entire application process to pull the permit. The building permit is usually covered in our $300 permit allowance; which usually covers the cost of the permit plus the time required to pull it. All windows will come with energy rating tags. Please do not remove the tags from windows until after inspection has been passed.